Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunflower Love

 To be honest, in years past I've been a sort of sunflower hater.  I'm pretty sure it dates back to just after junior high. When I was in junior hight I was hard core love of the perfume Sunflowers.  After eighth grade I sort of hated all things sunflowers for no apparent reason.

Flash forward around 15 years.  I'm wandering around my aunt-in-laws Utah backyard and am taken aback by a glorious row of multi-colored sunflowers.  Reds, pinks, whites, oranges and yellows bombard my eyes and, once again I find myself in love with sunflowers.
 I've wanted to grow sunflowers for some time now but each year I miss my window to plant seeds.  This year I purchased a variety pack and I got it EARLY.  Think February.  I started them inside and got them in the ground just as soon as I thought it prudent.  I must admit, the boys and I have had quite the time watching them grow and grow and grow then finally unfurl.  I can't hardly wait to see what the next one will look like.  And this is just the beginning.  Most of them are not open yet!
Yay for summer!

And because I felt like Joshua didn't get enough screen time in the last post, here's some more Joshy:

 Gobbled those blueberries right up!

SFD Chicks

 A while back P's kindergarten class raised chicks from eggs.  If you know me well you know that I have long (LONG) wanted chickens but had decided, sensibly, to wait until next year to get some.  I figured Joshua would be a bit older, it would give me time to find (or build) a coop and it just made more sense. On a whim I asked his teacher what they were going to do with the chicks when they were done.  She told me that if someone wanted them they could have them otherwise they went back to the 4-H club where they hard rented the whole lot from.

My irrational side kicked in and I told her we would take them.  Nate is usually game for whatever I want so home they came as soon as the teacher tired of them and boy have they grown.  No longer are they little puff balls and, at this point, they are past the "we look like dinosaurs" phase.  We now have full on chickens only in miniature.
 I had no idea they grew so fast.  I thought we would still have some months to figure out the coop but we've learned that is NOT the case.  They are still cooped up in the garage in a large brooder our friends lent to us but in the day we try to let them wander and forage for a couple hours a day.

Nate's currently working on the coop and I can't wait to share pictures when it's done.  He's doing an AMAZING job!

 Everyone is loving our Small Farm Dream Chickens!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fairy Tale Town 2014

We went to Fairy Tale Town this weekend with some good friends.  
You would think I'd get sick of the place but it has yet to happen.  I LOVE that place.  Maybe it's because I so vividly remember going myself is a kid.  And it's almost exactly as it was when I went in first grade!

(By the way, it is A LOT more fun to go when you have back-up {aka: dad} and are not by yourself wrangling three littles!)

 "The old woman who lives in the shoe" slide.
 Quick, take a picture! And they're gone at the Crooked Mile.
Owl's House slide.
 There are always tons of awesome chickens running around. 
Sherwood Forrest is always a favorite.

We left with the kids asking when we could go again.  Can't wait to go again. 

Newborn Pictures Never Gets Old (At least not to this mama!)

 My amazing friend Susanne Ashby took newborn pictures of Joshua a couple days after he was born.  She was actually on her way into town from Monterrey when I was in labor and I secretly hoped she would get there before I gave birth because she took the most incredible pictures in the delivery room when I had Wyatt but, alas, it wasn't to be.

She did, though, capture my sweet Joshy when he was oh-so-tiny.

 And some beautiful ones of me and by babe.

Little hands
And little feet.

Little boys are oh-so-sweet!
To Susanne:  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! for the amazing, wonderful gift you' have given me.  You are such an amazing artist and I am lucky to count you as a friend.