Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas eve was amazing this year.  Nate's schedule worked out just right so he had Christmas eve and Christmas day off.  We have all been spreading the flu/colds/the plague around and around our house for the last few weeks so it has been a quiet season and I really truly like it that way.  We had to make-do with the gifts/stocking stuffers/candies that I had purchased early.  Our celebrations revolved more around being together and being present in the moment more than what we were getting.  It felt like what Christmas is supposed to be.

We made "reindeer food:"

And sprinkled it around the front lawn:

Which the boys loved!

 Then we drew pictures for Santa and frosted cookies:

 We made candles for loved ones:

 Then Nate and I exchanged gifts early.  We couldn't stand to wait any more.
(Nate got a hat, if you couldn't tell)
 And Joshy had fun watching all of the goings-ons from his highchair. 
 After we exchanged our gifts Nate put together his Christmas gift from last year (which we found thanks to my purging/decluttering binge) and the boys had fun "helping."

We decided at the end of the day that we were probably well enough to go to Nana Linda's for dinner.  I had purchased a leg of lamb in case we were going to eat alone so we took it over and shared with the Taylor family.  I forgot my camera but we had a lot of fun watching the cousins play, visiting with out-of-town relatives and just spending time with each other in general. 

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linda said...

I am so glad that we got to spend Christmas eve and day with you, despite the plagues of sickness that were running through everyone's families. Here is hoping for a healthy 2014!